YOKKAO Miami Boxing Gloves


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Vibrant retro Miami design Muay Thai gloves from YOKKAO.

The YOKKAO Miami boxing gloves in this refreshing vibrant design are made from 100% genuine leather, with long-lasting shock-absorbing foam and the signature YOKKAO logo on the cuffs.

All YOKKAO Muay Thai gloves are handcrafted by Thai professionals in Thailand with double-stitched seams for extra reinforcement, attached thumb for added support
and the traditional hook and loop closure for comfort and convenience.

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Leading manufacturer
of Muay Thai equipment

All YOKKAO Muay Thai equipment is handmade in Thailand from the best quality materials available to ensure every customer receives a durable and premium product.
YOKKAO gear is used by top athletes including Saenchai, Jordan Watson and many more professional Muay Thai fighters around the globe.

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