Fairtex Black 4.5m Stretch Wraps


  • Elasticated stretch cotton
  • Secure & comfortable fit
  • Handmade in Thailand

High quality elasticated stretch cotton hand wraps from Fairtex.

These durable elasticated wraps in black provide an extra secure fit with flexibility for maximum comfort and protection of the hand, wrist and knuckles.

The wraps are 4.5 meters in length (178 inches) which is the perfect length to provide plenty of protection to the wrist and hand without too much excess. The wraps include a thumb loop to start and a Velcro tab at the end to secure the wraps in place around your wrist.

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Pushing the boundaries
of quality, style & comfort

Fairtex has a clear mission to produce only the highest quality Muay Thai and fight sport equipment.
Established in 1958, Fairtex is recognised as a leading brand and authority in the world of Thai Boxing thanks to their reputation for innovation and integral participation at every level of fight sports.
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